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History of all gold miner games collecting gold. :

Gold Mining is an old and classic game. Comparisons of the first version of the "gold mining classic" are a fun part of the creative versions.

The player`s goal is to reach enough gold to pass the level in the given time.

In most versions, the time limit for collecting gold for fun is a major issue. Collecting gold is a fun and easy game. When a gold digger drinks a magic potion, the player collects gold faster.

The first version of the coin can be made to your liking and all the elements reach the most beautiful level.

1- Elixir of Improvement: Provides faster gold collection.

2- Rope cutter blow: The one who breaks the rope when a stone is taken instead of gold.

3- ADDITIONAL Timer: Increased gold collection time.

It can be used in addition to or as a replacement or replacement for air, fire and safety issues. One of the most popular gold mining games is the Las Vegas gold mining game.

There are different obstacles in certain versions of the gold hunter game, mole, turtle and underground snake have been added to the game, which makes it difficult for gold miners to get gold. Versions that collect device numbers or jewelry replace the best clothes collector for attention.

Gold miner 4, a product of Gamikro, is a name with coin function features.

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