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Gold coins and other precious metals in games. :

I will explain my gold mining game 4 for 2 people and the concept of goldenmoney in games. For centuries, gold was the most important mineral that people bothered to collect. There are several important reasons for this:

  • First of all, jewelry such as gold and silver attracts people`s attention with its shiny appearance, it has always been so, for thousands of years
  • Although it is produced by mining, it is expensive because it is a mineral that is difficult to find in nature.
  • Valuable materials such as gold and diamonds give people confidence and the vital elements that everything What people need is high quality.
  • To be a significant object for future generations, since it is the most important value that can be obtained in the path of luxury life of future generations

Gold and others in games

Since gold and silver is an object known throughout the world, it is easy to understand that it is the most valuable element. Although sources of virtual money like Bitcoin are also on the agenda, you can never get as important a prospect as real gold because it is unreal.

For example:
in gun fighting games, the most powerful weapons are bought by collecting gold.
The fastest cars can be bought by collecting gold in car driving games.
Gold coins and gemstones are used as items that increase the player`s interaction rate, especially in games that appeal to a female audience.
In strategy games that focus on area management, the game can be easily won by mining gold and accessing different underground resources like silver and emeralds.

Games with gold and other precious stones

Here are examples of gold and gemstone sets:

  • - Prospector (gold miner)
  • - Candy Crush (candy collection)
  • - Mining and Crafting(Minecraft)
  • - Cut the rope (gold coin in the puzzle)

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Finding gold coins or capturing gems in these games motivates the player and makes the game more fun.

That`s why we add gems and gold coins to our other games like gold digger game.

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