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in the gaming world Gold Miner is a game but In real world Gold miners out of game industry has been carried out continuously in the United States since 1799. The first known gold mine in America was opened in 1782.

In 1848, large gold mines began to open in California. In some years, gold mines were closed, but were later reopened more quickly. In 2019, gold mining started in 12 states in the United States.

Gold coin images and in-game gold exchange in many games today are basically based on this history. The United States of America, the biggest country that shapes the gaming world, has also led to the use of virtual gold in the gaming universe.

Gold Miner Game

As Gamikro company, we showed ourselves in this regard by publishing the gold miner game in the game markets.

Currently, gold miner 4 game is available on Google-play and iOS-Store markets. If you want to play the Gold Miner 4 game, you can access the game download links by clicking the link below.