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Hat BALL (former: new red ball 2):

Hat ball is a game created by Gamikro company , You cab jump and roll with this ball game. He jumps around and collects gold coins. He spends joyful days with his pink-ball girl friend. One day, an unexpected spaceship changes their lives. The spaceship that escaped with the pink-ball won`t come back. The ball with the hat will set out to find her. Choose a good hat for his head before going to the long journey.:

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new red ball

How to Play Hat-ball Game

You can go forward and backward with Hat-BALL by tapping the direction arrows on the phone or tablet. There is a jump button at the bottom right of the screen. Features such as shield and bomb can be used with the buttons above.

Arrow keys are used to play on the computer. as k;

B : Bomb button.
K : Armor activation key.
J: Quick hit key while airborne.
At the end of each level, when you reach the red doors or the pink doors, that section is considered to have been completed successfully.

red ball 2

Game Character

When the game is first opened, you can change the character by tapping the "?" button.
If you wish to select another game charactrer; you can see the different character types and the active "new hat" options in the game by clicking the button with the "HATS" icon on the right.

You can see your progress in the game by using the "LEVELS" button in the middle. When you first start the game, only the first "Level" will be active.

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Game Levels

The game currently contains 50 episodes in the game. With the LEVELS button, you can select one of the last levels where you stayed. In addition, in the "LEVELS" section, a surprise awaits you in the leftmost section numbered "0". If you successfully complete that simple game section, you will win a gold coin award. Also you can learn to play all special game abilities.

Game End

To finish the game levels, it is enough to reach the red hat ball to the exit door at the end of the level. The image below shows two different endings. In some sections, it may be the end of the game if you deliver the pink ball to your own pink exit door instead of the red capped ball. You will see a small "Pink BaLL" text at the starting point of the relevant sections.

The Pink ball is waiting for you most of the time, after you touch it, it follows you until the game is over. That is, once the pink ball has joined the game, it is impossible to stop its movement.

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Download Hat BaLL on Google Play Download Hat BaLL on iOS