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We have good news for you, we remembered an old game and I made a new design as a gift for kids playing new games, Old gold-hunter game : Gold miner game It will be added to both ios market and android google-play lists soon. When we publish it, you will find the links here.

Gamikro game story: "If the game is in question, we want to play too", we turned our first year on this path and our first games reached 5,000,000 downloads, thousands of people in 178 countries played our games. Now we are working for more. You can find our latest games in Games category. If you want to make and have a game, contact me via instagram @gamikro

New Red ball 2

Searching for his pink girlfriend from different planets, Red Ball 2, the aliens will pay Red Ball for it. New abilities and new powers will be with you in this new jumping game Jump and roll then find your pink ball girlfriend.

ice Cream 1 - snowman

Snowman is made with the sweetest carrot. Carrot means nose for a small mass, food for a large live segment. Wait a minute ! food, did I spell food. What did i say. We'd better hurry. Stop the rabbits before someone eats their carrot !

New Red Ball

Someone cut down the tree in front of the new red ball's house, the red ball must find the truth about the missing trees. The well-known and world-famous ball game turned into something better, the old nokia phone game Red-Ball is now a ball wearing a hat.

Cut the Blocks

The ball shaped red alien needs your help to cut the blocks. He's lost in our world and doesn't know how to get back to the planet in his spaceship without your slices. Cut the blocks and send the red ball to the spaceship.

Bubble Pop

A good game for those who want to throw the little red ball into space. An easy and relaxing game to spend your free time. Pop all the other balloons and complete the game levels, it's a fun and easy game.

If you want to understand what kind of making a game and website we are currently working on and to get to know us better, you can check our blog page. There will be updates and game making training lessons when appropriate on our blog page. We make games for mobile phones and tablets. We have started with 2D games for now, and we will start to produce 3D games in the future. Gamikro game production operates in istanbul.