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What is the history of the gold miner game :

Gold-Miner game is an old and well-known game. The game system in the first version of "gold miner classic" is also seen in other versions.

The aim of the player is to reach the goal of collecting gold required to pass the level within the given time.

In most game versions, the time limit is the most important gold collection obstacle. Especially heavy gold nuggets are difficult and time consuming to pull. When a gold miner drinks a magic potion, he collects gold faster.

The first gold miner game version was single player and the following items were purchased between each level.

1-It provides faster gold collection; potion.

2- The one that breaks the rope when a rock is accidentally taken instead of gold: a bomb.

 3- Gold collecting Time increaser: clock.

Over time, versions of the fairy and beloved nurse gold miner, who collected hearts of gold instead of gold, were produced. One of the most popular gold miner games is the Las Vegas gold miner game.

In some gold miner versions Obstacles such as mole, butterfly, turtle and underground snake were added to the game, which made the gold miner`s job of collecting gold difficult. Versions that collect digital devices or bitcoins instead of collecting gold also attracted a lot of attention.  

Gold miner 4 game, which is a Gamikro product, has many of these gold miner features.

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